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Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services in Singapore

Alphakleen provides comprehensive carpet and upholstery cleaning services to our corporate & residential customers in Singapore and Malaysia since 2010. We understand that whether in office or at home, a clean environment directly affects our overall health.

We are a reputable company who specialize in upholstery, carpetcarpet stain removalleather sofa and fabric furniture cleaning. We freshen up anything from carpet, sofa, mattress, office chairs, and even office cubicle walls. We deliver the best cleaning solutions as well as a top customer quality services.


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Select the cleaning service you need

Carpet stains removal

Carpet stain removal service in Singapore

Our specifically trained team remove stains on your carpet with a very high percentage of success.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning service in Singapore

You can trust our long experience in cleaning both residential & corporate carpets.

Mattress cleaning

Professional mattress cleaning in Singapore

Hygienic mattress is key for your rest and your health. We also eliminates odors & stains from your mattress.

Fabric cleaning

Professional fabric cleaning in Singapore

Fabric needs regular cleaning especially if you run a business and you want to keep a good customer satisfaction.

Car interior cleaning

Professional car interior cleaning in Singapore

We spend time in our cars. It's important to keep it's interior clean without any unpleasant odors.

Leather sofa cleaning

Professional leather sofa cleaning in Singapore

Leather is a natural material and it requests regular and very specific cares to keep it as clean as the first day.

Upholstery cleaning

Professional upsholtery cleaning in Singapore

Upsholtery cleaning requests specific cares. Alphakleen teams have the right tools, training & skills for this job.

Window cleaning

Professional window cleaning in Singapore

Give way to light to enter your desk or living room thanks to window cleaned by Alphakleen team.

Green by passion

Alphakleen could also have been named Alphagreen because we immediately took in account the ecology in all our carpet and upholstery cleaning processes and we are very proud about this. Indeed.

We do not use any chemicals in our cleaning processes. All the cleaning products we use to clean your house or your working environment are biodegradable and do not use any phosphate. You mainly use steam cleaners when it's appropriate that sterilize and clean deep into carpets of fabrics.

Eco-friendly cleaning preserves our earth starting by your own health including children as your pets.

Check our Singapore carpet and upholstery cleaning services testimonials

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Linda Chestnut Ave, Singapore

Thank you Lin of AlphaKleen for attending to us so promptly! Our Australian Shepherd (huge dog) peed on the mattress in our guest room and thank goodness for AlphaKleen, they took away the stain, the smell, and the mattress looks brand new!!! AlphaKleen cleaned every single inch of the mattress and did such a thorough and good job! Will definitely invite them back next for our carpet and upholstery cleaning which are much less urgent!

Christine Robertson Mount Sophia, Singapore

Alphakleen was quick to respond, speedy to attend, and took the time to ensure the deep cleaning was thorough.
The service is professional, the work excellent. As an ex-pat, this service was of a standard you can expect in the UK / USA / Switzerland.
If you are like us, relocating a lot, or have children with allergies, or just had works in your apartment - you would not even question the value/money spent on having a service like this. Already I am making it part of my annual spring clean - it really revitalizes your furniture as new!
For those who rent, and have to clean curtains as part of the exit conditions - don't bother with the removal/drop into drycleaners - easier, quicker and more efficient to get Alpha Kleen to dry clean on the spot.
I can not thank Alphakleen enough - this is a brilliant company and would highly recommend.

Carol Lim Punggol, Singapore

The 2 wonderful staff did a fantastic cleaning for our leather sofa! It looks totally brand new now! All ready for the Chinese New Year! Will definitely engage your excellent services next year again! AlphaKleen made my day!

Jeffery Tang Central, Singapore

An absolute life saver with the fantastic job done! They were supposed to knock off and they had really done me a great favor by just showing up. The bed was in terrible condition due to rain, dust and stains, which are very difficult or impossible to clean. However, after the cleaning, the majority of the carpet stains are gone. I highly recommend their services to all.

Andy Central, Singapore

Perfect. I was in an emergency because of puke in my car and my fabric seats were in bad shape. Sent my car to them for cleaning of the interior and it came back good as new! Will Definitely recommend Alphakleen Services to anyone who needs interior cleaning for their cars!

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