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Less expensive to clean a carpet.

Change to new carpet or wash it?

I have been asked this important question time over time “Is it better to for me to change to new carpet, or should I just clean it?”. Well, there’s no certain answer to that. Choosing between changing new carpet & getting it cleaned pretty much depends on several factors like Personal Preference on Carpet Design, […]

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Alphakleen provides 9 tips to keep office carpet in good health

Office carpet clean: 9 tips to help you!

Office carpet clean. How to avoid the nightmare… When I used to work in an office in Singapore few years ago, I always love the fact that the floor is carpeted. It feels cozy & soft. Even when there was a time where I accidentally fell down, it didn’t hurt that much & that incident […]

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How to deal with humidity in our house or office

3 solutions to get rid of humidity

I remember when I was at studying at NTU of Singapore, staying in Hall is probably one of the most fun and exciting part of my life. We have all day long of activities to do, and all night long of chit-chatting to catch up. Usually we stay up until 3 in the morning before […]

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Alphakleen removes dust mites from mattress in Singapore

Dust-Mite invade your mattresses

The fact: Average Dust-Mite in your new mattress after only 6 months: 2,000,000! Eight Legged Spider – Dust-Mite is sightless & hides in your household item such as mattress, sofa, carpet, curtain & pillow. They feed on shed human skin flakes & their droppings & corpes can cause serious health problems, feeling exhausted, allergies, skin […]

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