Carpet cleaning service in Singapore

Carpet cleaning service in Singapore

Alphakleen carpet cleaning services helps you to keep your domestic or corporate carpet 100% perfect. Our team is trained on the latest methods to propose you the best results. Also we use professional cleaning machines. Some of them come from best brands from Europe.

We offer enhance carpets beauty by removing grit, dirt, mud, vomit, chocolate, urine stains, bad smells etc.

Our team can go at your location anywhere in Singapore.

Feel free to use our free quotation request form or call our experts. We will come back to you with our best dirtless services rates.

Trained carpet experts
Professional cleaning machines
Fast cleaning

Respect your investment

No more messy cleaning with your carpeted floors! Just get help from our professional service. It is very easy to get carpeting cleaned in Singapore now.

Needless to say that every carpets require regular care to avoid dust build up as well as to keep it free from stain. Unkempt carpets become unhealthy and uncomfortable. A well maintained carpet has an excellent life span comparatively. Alphakleen proposes sanitizing services to get rid of the mites, dirt and other allergens that could waste your life.


Why it's so important to regularly clean?

Hire a professional team

Make yourself relax and comfortable by surrendering the task to the carpet cleaners. Our team can deliver the best work, more than your expectation. You can get the perfect job. No worry about stains or dirt, just get a guaranteed clean and hassle revitalizing service. Our experts are trained for carpet stain removal. More globally we offer a wide range of carpet services. Some of our customers say "the best carpet services in town" or they answer for us to the question "What is the best carpet cleaning service in Singapore?". We are proud about this proof of confidence!

Long lasting result

Carpet cleaners can provide a deep and hygienic shampooing service for a long lasting result. It helps to improve lifetime.

Revitalizing the fiber

The carpet fiber need to be lifted while brushing it. By cleaning it effectively give a new life and long lasting life span to your shag pile.

Faster drying time

Although the scrubbing process uses some water. The process reduced to about 1 hour 30 min for a carpet to dry. Depending the type of carpet, we use steam sanitation services. It's efficient and it's perfect to reduce the drying time. 

Better health

Proper cleaning kills dust mites that may cause some allergies. With our non toxic methods, you can enjoy the hygienic, friendly environment to work or live in. This is also a perfect sanitizing method for carpet tiles, frequently used in offices nowadays.


All situations are unique

Every situation is different and unique. Our technicians will do a complete analysis of the carpet. We note any high-traffic or heavily-soiled areas like in . After the audit our experts could decide to choose for a regular cleaning or a shampooing service. Our analysis is valid from a home or commercial carpet cleaning. It makes no real differences for us. Carpet quality cleaning is our goal in any cases.

Berber or wool, commercial or residential, tufted or woven... Our experienced and friendly technicians will restore your carpet appeal and offer a healthier indoor environment

Say goodbye to allergens, dirt, microscopic pollutants and dust mites. Get professional deep clean to your carpet and feel the difference!

Alphakleen Singapore cleaners in action

Our specialists keep your carpeting clean for long

We train our technicians and we provide them the most advanced equipment. They are able to deliver 100% effective hygienic service in Singapore. Of course we don't use any abrasive brushing to clean your carpeted floor. Drying time is very fast, as most part of the moisture will be suctioned out from the fibers by our equipments.

Due to superior equipments you will get a wonderful and satisfying carpeting care experience. In any way better than trying to do it by yourself. It's always recommend to outsource the process to achieve better results. A good cleaner provider can offer a better service due to professional washing products and equipment used. 

We provide 24/7 support and service and we are based in central Singapore. It allows us to go fast to your location for a sanitizing job.

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Jessica L. SG - Central North

Thanks so much Alphakleen! We were about to change our living room carpet last december because it was so dirty! A real shame... The Alphakleen team experts came and totally cleaned the carpet. My husband thought I bought a new one! I gave your coordinates to my boss in order to clean our office carpets.

Agnes B. SG - Mount Faber

Great & efficient carpet cleaning in jan. 2016. Alphakleen bring me back my carpet after new year party! Congrats. Price is really fair.

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