Professional Curtain Cleaning

Curtain cleaning in SG

Curtain Cleaning is a must at your home or office! Due to plenty of issue and workload, getting curtain cleaned can be a daunting and troublesome job for some. 

With Alphakleen, cleaning curtains is simple, fast and efficient because no dismantling is needed. Your curtain will be ready in just 2 hours. Completely hassle-free.

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Curtain cleaning in SG

Keep Your Curtain Clean & Mites Free

Curtains are mostly overlooked by home owners in terms of regular cleaning. Curtains which left hanging without cleaning it properly will lead to dull or lose its original appeal. Simply cleaning the curtains will not give a clean look to your home, still it is essential to keep the curtain clean as it will revitalize the curtain from the constant torture of the UV Ray from the sun. 

Alphakleen Singapore Curtain Cleaning in Action

Chemical-Free Curtain Cleaning Procedure

Often, dry cleaning service uses harmful petro-chemical products which may affect your health. Hence, it is crucial to choose the best & more environmental friendly products and solutions. As a leading firm in the professional curtain cleaning sector, we always use the best, perfect solution concerning the major drawbacks by utilizing the steam extraction method.

Without using any chemical agents or ingredients, our professional curtain cleaning team has the ability to clean the curtains without dismantling the curtains.

Of course, our method also helps to kill germs, dust mites, revitalize fabric colors, reduce wrinkles and eliminate bad odors at the same. 

Curtain cleaning in SG

Quality and Perfection in Curtain Cleaning

By using gentle and effective solution/ method, our curtain service will deodorize, sanitize and clean to the highest quality. Any trace of dust, stains and mildew can remove easily in the gentle and safe method.

Our effective solution will make sure to offer no color loss or no shrinkage in your curtains, particularly when it comes to rubber-backed curtains which are difficult to clean. It is recommended to clean the curtains at a regular interval of time to live healthy and to stay out of germs.

We always follow an absolutely professional approach to every customer and also make no compromises in the quality and perfection of the curtain cleaning job done.

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Brooke De Canha Singapore

I was in urgent need of curtain cleaning and they came out with less than 24 hours notice and did a fantastic job. Really affordable too I will use them again. Thanks guys I appreciate it.

Jaymee Chay Singapore

Have been working with them for almost 3 years for my clients' properties cleaning service, especially curtains n sofa cleaning. Reasonable charges, good service. Especially the on site curtain cleaning service, no more hassle to take down your curtain n send to laundry, can be done within few hours time. Definitely time n cost saving!!!

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