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Leather sofa cleaning in Singapore

Leather sofa cleaning requests tools, perfect cleaning products and skills. A Leather sofa is an excellent investment that adds most excellent touch to the beauty of your home. It is always pleasure to sit comfortably in a well installed leather sofa for watching TV, reading or just talking with family and friends.

Although, leather is durable and evidence of wear is noticeable highly that’s why maintaining and cleaning the leather sofa is very important. No doubt that leather sofa cleaning is needed for a long term caring.

With Alphakleen you have one the best leather sofa cleaning in Singapore. Just drop us a line, call us or request a free quotation form from our experts.

Leather: A natural material you need to take care

Leather sofa and all other furnitures required to be cleaned. Food, dirt and more may stain the leather sofa which needs cleaning treatment in a regular interval of time.

It is very tempting to clean the sofa. Leather is a very natural material that requires specific type of treatments. No doubt that leather always needs special care and more attention than the fabric sofa. When it comes to leather sofa is important to maintain the moisture once in a while to keep it healthy.

The cleaning products available in the market today are not at all appropriate for leather material which may break down the leather finishes, leads to cracking and dryness. Store bought leather conditioners and cleaners may offer relief immediately, but there are chances to cause any long-term damage.

Cleaning the leather furniture involved great process that needs excellent care as the material can damage easily if it is not properly treated.


Alphakleen Singapore leather sofa cleaning in action

Leather sofa cleaning best service solution

Our professional leather sofa cleaning services provide effective and safe cleaning for the leather furnitures which restores its natural shine and vibrancy. We use professional, safe leather cleaners and moisturizers to rejuvenate the leather furnitures without any harmful effects.

For all your leather sofa cleaning requirements, we have a team of dedicated professional to carry out the task. Our professionals are well trained with the latest and most convenient methods to offer specially formulated solution to clean your leather sofa and furnitures.

After cleaning the leather furniture, we will use mineral nourishment to maintain the softness and moisture of the leather. This nourishment will diffuse the small perfume that makes it look like a leather sofa which you bought newly. We know value of furniture in the home, our trained professionals will deliver the service more than your expectation. As leather furniture needs special care, our professional team will offer the best and effective cleaning solution and guaranteed results.

Don’t take risks with your leather sofa!

Don’t take any risk by using unknown leather cleaning products that may make reduce the leather shine and finish.

It is recommended to depend on the trained professionals to clean and moisturize the leather sofa at the preferred premise. We assure excellent cleaning results without damaging the leather material.

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