The 7 major carpet risks

Carpet risks you could face in Singapore

Carpet risks must be known in to protect them in the most efficient way. This knowledge helps the carpet cleaning process. Yes those beautiful expensive pieces of rugs and carpets you own are not easy to maintain. Dirt and grime coupled with wear and tear, age the carpet and your interior. Don’t pull your hair out of stress for your dying carpet. Understanding what soils them can help you deal with carpet problems for good. Professional help from Alphakleen Singapore can ease out your carpet problems that you dread so much. So what are those challenging carpet issues? Our research tells us this. Your worst carpet nightmares clearly are...

Enjoyable parties are not always carpet compliant

Carpet cleaning after a party

Carpet cleaning after a party

Yes, the parties we love so much and the company we enjoy has a cost. A lot of mess is left behind.

Food, chocolates, wine and drinks, can all leave stains on your carpets. Dark colored fluids and fried food make very tough stains. There are also ice cream stains and cola spills. The sludge left behind can be a nightmare to the host! And, of course, whatever the shoes bring in, including mud, animal poo, dust and allergen all add to the problem. You can’t of course ask the guests to be careful, can you?

Frequently used transit could destroy your carpet

The passage that you and your family almost always take leads to quick carpet wearing. Stepping on the same place again and again destroys carpet fiber quickly, making it thinner and weaker on those spots. Add to that the dust that accumulates on that area. Transits can make a carpet look super ugly and unkempt!

Children are not always carpet friends

They make transits, play on the carpets and can throw anything and everything on it. That includes baby food, peeing, pooping and even vomits! Children can pretty much do anything, anywhere. They are the most unpredictable species on the planet. That is why a house with kids is so easy to identify by the remnants of their activities.

The carpet loses its appearance and smells dreaded too. Of course we love our children. However, they can be so difficult to manage. The carpet stains they leave behind can be particularly hard to rid. But that doesn’t mean we can dump our carpets away in the attic. Kids will be kids. And our carpets need a break from them sometimes.

Pets vs carpet. Who is the winner?

Pet could be a risk for carpets in Singapore

Pet could be a risk for carpets in Singapore

Pets are more than only urine, pet food and vomits. If your pet is sick, imagine the extent of the nightmare! The stains and the lingering stench their waste leaves behind are unbearable. Also, they love scratching and tearing carpets making them worthless in no time. Case in point cats and dogs! A shabby carpet can be a big turn off for your guests too. Carpet wear and tear isn’t even covered by home insurances. You can’t charge anyone for a damaged carpet!

Humidity or dampness

That mild peculiar smell of fungus or algae is a result of dampness. Mold or mildew only thrives on humidity. If you live in a rainy region you would know what we mean. Frequent showers or flooding can completely ruin your piece of art. Moist carpets are very difficult to dry.

It may take days if you don’t have a powerful vacuum or blower. They attract more dust on them too. The mold also adds to problems. It produces potentially toxic irritants. It can induce asthma attacks and even irritate the skin. Small area rugs as well as wall to wall carpeting, both may hold fungal spores. Visible mold growth can be easier to rid as it is easy to identify.

This is so because of its appearance and smell. However, smaller patches of mold that lurk the dark moist corners under the sofa or bed are hard to manage. We rarely clean those carpet areas because we seldom check them out.

Dust mites are a headache for carpets

Dust mite and bacterias live in your office carpets

Dust mite and bacterias live in your office carpets

Most people throw out furniture or carpets infested with dust mites. Research suggests that a square mile of carpet may house and nurture around 100,000 mites. They may have a short lifespan but they are quick to multiply. This is because they can quickly reproduce, laying hundreds of eggs a month in your wonderful carpet. You may even dread the deadly dust mite allergy if you have a weak immune system. They can be lethal if you are already prone to allergies as well.

Moth’s invasion is the worst for your carpet

They live up to three months and multiply easily in dark unnoticed carpet corners. Their larvae gravitates towards dirt and grime for food.

You can spot them if you look hard enough. You may notice that the carpet appears eaten away much before you actually spot a moth. A moth is happy to chew on your carpets, quietly damaging it. It loves to feed and lay eggs on natural fiber rugs like the woolen and silk ones.

Once infested, you can only throw away the carpet that is damaged too much. If the damage is less, you may want to recycle it. Like for example, cut it into smaller pieces and seal the corners.

If you are experiencing any one of these nightmares then follow our advice. Like we said, earlier seek expert help. DIY products and tutorials may attract you. But mark our word; they may spoil the carpet more. They appear cheap and simple but consumers end up spending more time and money working with them. 

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