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Mattress cleaning becomes a regular cleaning task nowadays. Hopefully because people used to spend about one-third of their lives in bed. No matter how clean your home, the mattress will always contain dust mites, fungi and bacteria in enough quantities. Dust mites are very small in size and feed off your dead skin cells slipped from the bodies while you sleep.

It is really impossible to inhabit and stop the dust mites. It constantly reproduces in the mattress. It contains a chemical known as Guanine that triggers health complaints and allergic reactions like headaches, sneezing, eczema and asthma. Even it may contribute to fatigue and depression.

No doubt that mattress is the dirtiest item in the home so when it comes to mattress cleaning, just contact Alphakleen for an efficient & fast service!

How often your mattress should be cleaned?

It is important to use the most comfortable and healthiest mattress and pillows for a better sleep. The invisible bacteria multiplying on the bed will cause some health issue. Unfortunately, most people will regularly clean the pillows and bed sheets, but not their mattress. Companies like Alphakleen help you to stay in a safer line. You must clean a mattress once in a year. Trained staffs gives you hygienically sanitized mattress will give you a healthy sleep.


Mattress cleaning companies

Don’t try yourself to clean the mattress. Moisture and water break down the foam easily which may create a bad odor and mildew. Mattress cleaning companies greatly help you to maintain the bed hygienic, as your mattress need regular cleaning to get rid of the irking particles. Using Alphakleen services is advisable to remove dirt particles, stain, red bug and sanitize it.

Get a better deal and stay in touch with the Alphakleen to extend your mattress life by simply allowing them to clean and sanitize it periodically. In fact, cleaning firm also concentrates more at cleaning if you have any pets at home.

Professional mattress cleaning companies services included

  • Mattress sanitizing
  • Odor removal
  • Urine removal
  • Stains removal
  • Bed bug removal
  • Dust mite removal

Alphakleen Singapore mattress cleaning in action

Benefits of mattress cleaning

Save money: Bed cleaning companies offer effective services that clean the mattress thoroughly, remove decomposing dead skin flakes, excrements, dust mites, body fluid residue, remove dust and many microorganisms embedded in your mattress. The professional cleaning companies are available to offer affordable rate that saves your time, energy, money and keep you stay healthy as well.

Keep healthy: Cleaning firm’s will employ highly experienced professionals who use best and latest cleaning technology specially intended for mattress cleaning for cleaning it. No need to worry that the companies will use safe and harmless cleaning agents. Their cleaning treatment is 100% safe and secure for babies and adults.

Proven effective: Even doctors started recommending to clean the mattress when it comes to allergy management, such as rhinitis, eczema, nasal congestion, morning sneezes, itchy red eyes, and asthma to allergic patients who are sensitive to dust mites and dust. So, just give a call to mattress cleaning companies and acquire standard service.

Whether it is residential or commercial mattress cleaning, within a short span of time your mattress will be dry, fresh and ready for a great sleep. Mattress cleaning is easy, quick, green and clean along with the professional cleaning companies. Services rendered by Alphakleen are completely convenient, effective, dry and use Eco-friendly cleaning compounds in your premise. Call us for best cleaning services and have a good sleep today!

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Alphakleen removes dust mites from mattress in Singapore

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Testimonial cleaning mattress
Susannah S. SG - North Bridge Road

I am back from Africa and I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for being able to provide your service whilst I was out of the country. I check the mattress and I was very impressed with your services. Previous cleaners were never able to remove the marks on my mattress and your team managed to do it.
I will certainly recommend you to my friends.
Happy New Year 2016

Mattress dust-mites cleaning testimonial
Peter G. SG - High Street

Alphakleen deep mattress cleaning service is excellent! A team of two people came to my home for cleaning my two mattresses. Both the cleaners were very kind and fun and, moreover, so efficient. The cleaning job was done within 1h. I keep Alphakleen phone number on my fridge for future use and to share it with my best friends.

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