Vacuuming car interior

Vacuuming car interior Singapore

Vacuuming car interior in Singapore is not so simple that you could think if you target a clean and professional result.

We are happy to provide you the basic steps our Alphakleen team follow. Of course we have the experience and the proper tools and cleaning products to clean your car within only one hour. Drop us a line on our car interior free quotation form for any question. We will be happy to answer you as fast as we can.

Vacuuming car interior basic steps

Vacuuming car interior job must be prepared for more efficiency. Here are the few main steps.

You will need an empty cleaner with hose and attachments, an electrical extension cord, a garden hose, paper towels or lint free rags, window cleaner, and vinyl cleaner and protector.

Empty your car of all of your belongings, trash, and recyclables. Vacuum the floorboards, underneath the seats, around the pedals, the upholstery, back deck, and top of the dashboard.

Make use of the brush attachment on the seats, back deck, and dashboard and a crevice tool to get between and adjacent seating and around the trim. Shake, beat, and / or vacuum the floor mats if they are carpet. In case your auto has plastic floor mats, vacuum them and, when they're actually mucky, hose them down with a garden hose, then let them let dry.

Use vinyl cleaner protector to clean your car

Vacuuming car interior should also take in account the following stages:

Spray some vinyl cleaner protector onto a cloth and wipe methodically over the vinyl surfaces in the car. When one part of the rag gets dirty, switch to another part of the rag and once the whole rag gets dirty, switch to a clean material.

With a clean, soft fabric, buff the vinyl you've just treated. Spray a small window cleaner on a material and methodically clean the dash panel and all plastic components and surfaces.

Again, make certain to maintain a clean material on the surfaces or you'll only be redistributing the grime and filth. Work from the cleanest places to the filthiest, leaving the grunge for last.

Car windows cleaning rules

Alphakleen cleans your car interior

Car interior cleaning in Singapore

Just make use of this product on plastic, metal, glass, along with other relatively non porous surfaces, not on material seats.

Wipe away dust, gunk, and excess cleaner with a rag or paper towel. Wet a fabric with the cleaner of your choice - commercial window cleaner or warm ammonia water.

Ensure that the cleaner meets the recommendations for your tinted windows prior to starting. Go on the inside of one window at a time with the cleaner, utilizing a circular pattern.

After the whole window is wet and the filth and relieved oils, polish with a firm circular motion.

Only use approved cleaners inside your car

Buff with crumpled newspapers until all streaks are gone, being especially cautious to get in the corners and around the edges.

If you can't eliminate all streaks, there's still oil, grease, or smoke residue on the window.

Your vehicle interior can be leather, fabric, or plastic. Leather seats must be conditioned as well as cleaned or they'll crack and dry out. Check your car's manual to check for approved cleaners to make use of on your upholstery.

In case you've cloth upholstery, try using carpeting cleaner on the seats.

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