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3 solutions to get rid of humidity

I remember when I was at studying at NTU of Singapore, staying in Hall is probably one of the most fun and exciting part of my life. We have all day long of activities to do, and all night long of chit-chatting to catch up. Usually we stay up until 3 in the morning before going to bed and sleep. I still remember waking up to a forestry environment, greeted by birds singing in the air, wild boar lurking around looking for food to eat (Serious! No joke!), the air is cool and fresh, and the floor is icy cold! Honestly, everything is perfect here….until…

I realized there is some bad smell in my room. I try to figure out that probably is from my old clothes? So I get all my laundry done, and hoping to get rid of the smell in my room. But then, I realize the smell is still in my room. The smell is very weird…smells like mold, but also smell like something rotten. After changing my bed sheet, the smell is still there! Okay, this is not a good thing. I started sniffing around my bed and soon realize the odor actually comes from the mattress!

Now, how to solve the problem? I can’t wash the mattress and let it drain till dry…I tried spraying some “Febreze” like thingy but it doesn’t work well too as it only cover up the smell temporarily. So how?? I actually did found out that there are a few method that works. So here goes:

Keep your room dry

Sounds easy, but do you know that average humidity level in Singapore is about 70%? During raining season it will climb to 98%! When your room is very humid, the fabric or wooden material in your room will tend to absorb the moisture. And when it is doesn’t dry fast enough, it will tend to have odor or fungus smell. So keeping your room dry enough, will reduce the bad odor in your room.

This can be done by placing several dehumidifier in your room. Some common brand includes Thirsty Hippo or Giant Supermarket Brand dehumidifier.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner also acted as a dehumidifier, air purifier, and air cooler. Ever wonder why is there a waste water hose to dispose the water from the air conditioning operation? That is because the air in your room actually condensed, and become water drops. So turning your air con few hours a day could really purify your room!

DIY Mattress Cleaning

This method is not simple. If you have come to this far, I beg you have a serious problem with your mattress already…

Anyway, Use a slightly damped (with hot water) microfiber towel, and press on the smelling part of the mattress, and continuously press with your palm. repeat this process for about 10 times, with each time you have to wash your towel again. Remember to only do this step during sunny weather!

However, I do not guarantee for the success for each method as it really depends on the severeness of the odor. Or the worst case scenario will just have to call the Singapore Expert Mattress Cleaning Service at +65 8143 3000 for a quick service and your ordeal will be over in an hour.

Good Luck!

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