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5 Things to Knows Before Buying a New Upholstery

I know I seems crazy when I told my friends I am excited to buy some new upholstery.

“What say you? Buying new furniture requires lots of money, and you will have to find ways to get rid of your old furniture!”

Yup, that is about what 86% percent of my friends would have told me.

But what about the other 14% would have say?

“Yeah I know you thinking. Time to spend some hard earn money to buy something new & lovely!”

True. That is basically what I was thinking (on impulse). But on second thought,  my mind is fighting to know if there’s any other way out to get that same excitement, without the hassle.

So what are the things you need to consider before getting a new furniture? Here’s 5:

Own Use or Tenant Use?

For some this can be straight forward. But choosing a furniture for your own use or “others” use can be  a very different story.

Own Use – This should be easy. Just get one that fits your liking.

Tenant Use – This is a hard question. Furnished home demands a higher rental. But it can be quite an daunting if the tenant decided to have a party on your sofa or not to use any bed sheet and sleep sweaty naked every night. So choose wisely between the cost & the life span of your investment items.


In recent years sofa & mattress factory are using more advance fabric material for their design. It’s soft, fluffy, comfortable, great textile feel & design, durable and more importantly, easier to maintain.

Traditionally fabrics are weaved using higher wool or cotton content. These materials are nice, but unfortunately not so easy to maintain. Most of the stains on it are hard to remove & it can be quite vulnerable to damages.

The new generation fabric are constructed from a hybrid of synthetic fiber & cotton material. This changes everything!

First off the fabric gains more strength, and it is stronger & less vulnerable to damages. More importantly, it is easier to clean & maintain.

Furthermore, the newer designs tends to be more maintenance-friendly with the design & curves that can be easily reach, dismantle or even perform sofa deep cleaning. Yet, the design can still be cozy & great looking.

Kids or Adults Use

OK if you don’t have kids don’t you think you can skip this part like this is irrelevant. THIS IS STILL RELEVANT!

With kids, you should know what to expect. It will be hard to tell them not to treat your sofa & mattress with abuse or violence. Well kids are kids, they just like to jump & hop around and sometimes “accident” will happen and you will have to clean up the mess with no choice.

Strangely, there will be a group of people with physical appearance of an adult, but behave & act like a 5 years old too. When that happen, you may start praying & hope for the best (for your house furniture I mean)

Actual Cost Of Ownership

If you have tons of cash ready to burn them in a BBQ pit at East Coast Park you may skip this part (or probably this whole article actually). Or else if you cherish your furniture and hope it will last for a considerable period of time then this is for you.

Getting a furniture is pretty much like buying a house or a car. You need to keep the maintenance bill in mind too. For example, getting a used yacht can cost just about S$10,000 to about S$60,000. It’s not that expensive. However if you consider the maintenance & docking fee it will easily cost 40% of the yacht cost annually. Yup, BIG OUCH. So it’s the same story with furniture. You need to consider if the material (leather or fabric or microfiber, or even exotic Italian leather) is suitable for your needs & usage. And if you wish to get them clean, what will be the cost, & how easily it can be done.

Durability comes into consideration if you are renting our house for tenants’ usage. Maximizing the lifespan for your furniture means more profit into the equation. When buying a furniture, check on the material of the furniture: Is it made of just Plywood? Recycle wood? Aluminum Alloy? Stainless Steel? How does the fabric /leather feels like? Is it thick & durable? Will it be able to withstand the local environment? Ask them bunches of questions, conduct your researches & it will pay off when you finally strike a good deal

Size & Suitability

This should be easy. Take sofa for example, there can be big sofa that takes up a lot of space (but won’t necessarily means bigger seating space) or a big seating sofa that doesn’t takes up lots of space (yeah that’s truly the wonder of a great design). Just be careful sometimes in a showroom it may seems “smaller” in comparison to the actual size as the showroom is in a spacious area.

Other than that, you just need to be mindful of the size that suits your daily usage.

In Conclusion. . .

We are living in a time where we generate trash faster than we can produce something useful (whether to another person, or to the environment).  Yes I agree with what you are thinking, it is our freedom of will to make our buying & dumping decision. If there’s an alternative way rather than just dumping the old & buying a new one wouldn’t that be great? Besides, you get to spend that money on something else that really matters to your family & love ones (adventurous holiday or another honeymoon trip).

If the condition of the furniture is still presentable and maintainable. Why not give it an overhaul & make it the once lovely piece of furniture again?

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