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Office carpet clean: 9 tips to help you!

Office carpet clean. How to avoid the nightmare… When I used to work in an office in Singapore few years ago, I always love the fact that the floor is carpeted. It feels cozy & soft. Even when there was a time where I accidentally fell down, it didn’t hurt that much & that incident certainly didn’t left me a broken arm. The best thing about having carpet is, when I was working on my desk alone, I can actually shook off my leather shoe and feel the softness of the carpet

However, due to the nature of carpet, it also act as an dust or particles attract-or. it absorbs almost everything and that includes dust, water, food, wine, hot chocolate, dust mites, germs & bacteria, and lots more. So how do we keep it clean? Or how do we maintain it?

Place additional layer of rug. This is Tip 1

This is probably one of the best advice to maintain your office carpet from outdoor contamination. Placing an additional carpet that has incredible dirt-trapping feature, and easy washable with give you the benefit of cleaner office carpet. Also, usually the carpet at the entrance area is the most dirty part of the whole office. So doing this tips alone will definitely give you a cleaner office carpet!

Also, the same idea can be use at the entrance to washroom or pantry too.

Place carpet protector under roller chair. This is Tip 2

Alright, at this point you will probably understand why the carpet under your roller chair has gone wildly bad. Yes, the carpet under roller chair gone through huge pressure from the wheels & as a result, the carpet losses it’s fur and turns bald. The right way to do this is by placing a protection film that helps to divert the pressure from the wheels and protects the carpet from being damaged

Place protection sheet during renovations. This is Tip 3

Well, this really happened to one of our customer before, and she regretted why she never supervise the renovation work process. Well fortunately, Alphakleen Services Singapore managed to clean the carpet, while removing the stains, paint marks, dust, and debris on the carpet for our troubled customer. But such incident can be prevented by placing canvas or plastic sheets on top.

Encourage no shoe or light sole policy. This is Tip 4

I visited a Japanese company before. I was very impressed by their work practice, and also how clean their offices were. One of the reason is because they generally practice In-House Slipper policy. Yes, there is a slipper for very employee in the office, and even the employer themselves are wearing their In-House Slipper too. This practice does mean that the office carpet will be cleaner, the office environment will also be more hygienic due to lack of outdoor contamination, and most importantly, the sole of the slipper is mostly softer than formal shoe / leather shoe that has hard sole, which will enhance the lifespan of the carpet.

Vacuum your carpet regularly. This is Tip 5

Honestly, with this ultimate combo machine, even the kids or men will love to do the housework!

Regular vacuuming of office carpet will boost the lifespan of the carpet, as well as removing the soil from the carpet before it’s trapped in the carpet and becomes hard to remove.

Emergency treatment. This is Tip 6

When there was an emergency incident that needs treatment, treat the carpet immediately before it’s too late!

Use a slightly damped cloth (preferably micro fiber) to cover the stained area, press hard with your entire palm on the affected area, and then wash the cloth. Repeat this process for at least 5 times, then call the Alphakleen Carpet Cleaning Expert to remove the rest of it! * The faster you act, the better the result will be!

Keep your carpet dry. This is Tip 7

When carpet absorb moisture (Especially in Singapore humidity ranging from 60-95%), it will release an unpleasant foul odor, and also promote the growth of germ, bacteria, and dust mite in your office. Keeping your carpet dry will demote the growth of harmful bacteria and also making your office place a more hygienic place to work in. How to reduce the moisture? Simply turn on the aircon for at least 4 hours a day, or placing a electric dehumidifier, or a disposable dehumidifier will do too.

This will happen if your office allow food & drink. I GUARANTEE THIS. The best prevention will be actually banning everyone from having food & drink outside of pantry area. But this is Singapore right? We have tonnes of good food & Kopi Teh. How to resist during working hours? Plus, Coffee & Tea actually increases work productivity. So how? Gotta make a choice!

Reliable Carpet Upholstery Cleaning Team

Giving your office carpet a regular thorough deep cleaning will promote the lifespan of your office carpet too.

By a margin of at least 40%! Plus, it will get rid of bad stains, foul odor, and will sanitize your carpet to make it more hygienic too!

Carpet maintenance conclusion

With proper care & maintenance, our unsung warrior (carpet) actually gets the attention needed to keep their lifespan longer, and we can enjoy the comfort & protection from it longer too. If you have any queries about carpet maintenance, you may also contact our carpet care expert at +65 81433000 (Don’t worry, it’s free inquiry).

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