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Best Vacuum for Mattress Cleaning

Long before when I was young in Singapore I didn’t know there was such thing as mattress cleaning. Well to be honest, we don’t really think about it unless something “urgent” or inevitable happened to our sleeping bed. However as our population is getting denser, and globalization is happening so quickly, germs & bacteria spread faster than we can imagine. Most of the time, it is the “unseen things” creep around that is the scariest. But thanks to technology and the invention of electric motor, we can now use vacuum to do regular maintenance cleaning of our mattress. Not just to make it dust free, but some can even managed to get rid of the germs & dust mite secretly crawling on your mattress!

Deep Vacuuming – The Most Commonly Used Method

Yes there’s a lot of fancy vacuum cleaners in the market and depending on the design of the system, the result may vary vastly. There’s Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner, there’s also vacuum cleaner by Rainbow, and there’s also the regular mainstream normal corded vacuum cleaner which uses dust bag to collect the waste. How exactly is each type different from one another & which one is the best?
Well, here’s an explanation from an engineer point of view

Normal Dustbag Vacuum

Well, this is the oldest vacuum cleaning method available. It basically work using a tool attached to the hose to extract all the loose particles and store them in a dust bag. Thou there are many different grades of dust bag out there but some of the finer dirt will managed to escape from the bag and being recycle back to the atmosphere. My advise is get those bag that have HEPA standard that is able to trap at least 99.9% of those particles.

Normal Dustbag Vacuum

Ok you have probably seen this before from an ads on a newspaper. This is usually a small device that vacuums, but at the same time it emits a UV Ray that is able to kill germs & dust mites. However it is usually equipped with a normal dust bag & have no additional attachment tools


The main objective for using the UV Vacuum in my point of view is the idea that it will kill the germs & bacteria by emitting UV Ray. If you have any family members that are allergy towards dust mites this seems like a good idea. However the allergy caused by dust mites can be from their droppings and corpses. To completely get rid of them via spray extraction will be the better way.

Water Filtration Vacuum

This is a more advanced method available in the market about a decade ago. Instead of trapping the dirt in a dust bag, it cleverly trap them in the water instead. Furthermore, depending on the brand, some system actually have an additional HEPA filter to ensure that absolute nothing is being recycle back to the atmosphere. The result? Not even bacteria nor microscopic particles can escape! The best thing about this design is simply change the water instead of replacing the dustbag. Economics term in the long run, this will save you more money on the maintenance.

Special Attachment Tools – The Most Efficient Upgrade

Ok I know what you are thinking at this point. You probably already googled and search for a good quality vacuum cleaner but wait a minute.. it’s so expensive! Well here’s a valuable advice for you: instead of getting a new vacuum, why not just upgrade it with special attachment tool that will increase your vacuum power + efficiency? Some manufacturer produces a special tool (eg: Turbo Brush by Karcher) that is able to agitate the surface during vacuuming. This vacuuming method increases the efficiency as some of the particles that are stuck onto the surface or underneath the surface can be loosen via the agitation process making them easier to be extracted.


With the advancement in technology & research, even vacuum cleaner is able to clean our mattress. However, no matter which type of vacuum system you choose, it won’t be able to get rid of stains & odor. It is meant to serve as a regular maintenance tool for mattress maintenance & mattress cleaning (Personally I have a Water Filtration Vacuum by Karcher). To get your mattress cleaning thoroughly, I recommend to engage a professional mattress cleaner to do the job right. Not only we are able to deep clean it using our professional spray extraction mattress cleaning system, but it will get rid of germs, bacteria, dust mites, odor & stains at the same time. Do give us a call & our friendly consultant will be happy with assist you.

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