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Carpet bleaching is not a good idea

Carpet bleaching really should be forgotten. We will explain you why in this article. Recently a customer asked us is it ok for her to bleach clean her carpet, and the short answer is no as you will be able to see.

Bleach is harmful to children and pets

While it is commonly found in supermarkets, convenient stores. Many of us have one in our store room or under our kitchen sinks. We use it to wash the toilet and sometimes our clothes. I mean, it has wide variety of use.

But do you know that bleach is dangerous, especially children and pets? If you don’t know how to neutralize bleach, which most people don’t, you are risking your pets and children’s lives. You are risking them from chemical burns when they are playing or sitting on the carpet.

Bleach is hazardous to your health too

Bleach is a very corrosive and hazardous chemical. If you have used it before, you may have experience the need to cough and the slippery feeling in your fingers. Or even the burning sensation you feel when you leave on your hands for a little too long? That’s the sign of the corrosive nature of bleach reacting in your body.

It is especially bad for your respiratory health! Bleach evaporates quickly, which is bad for your lungs while using it . When in gaseous form, it create dioxins, a known cancer-causing agent. It is related to miscarriage, infertility, birth defects, auto-immune disorder among others. It also increase asthma and allergy symptoms due to the high possibility of inhaling it. Did I mention that pets and children are more vulnerable due to their small lung capacity? The higher likelihood of filling their little lungs with bleach vapors?

Bleach can damage your carpet and even your floor

When using bleach, not all solution will remain on the surface of the carpet, some soak into the backing. As the bleach soak into the pile, it can damage the underlay and backing of the carpet.

If used too often, and the residue is not neutralized, it may also damage the fibre and strip colour of your carpet. The leftover residue in the carpet can also damage your floor.

Bleach is bad for the environment

When chlorine mix with wastewater, it create Trihalomethanes. It is a harmful carcinogen that has been linked to breast cancer and miscarriages. It is also linked to fertility issues in animals, affecting our eco system. Even organic chlorides stays in the environment for a long time. They are also linked with immune dysfunction, hormonal disruption, among many other problems.

Carpet bleaching cleaning is not even effective

No, it is not effective for removing carpet dirt or general cleaning. While it is act as a fair disinfectant, it does nothing more than what water alone do! And is it while the harmful effects to disinfect with bleach?

So you mean I should never ever use bleach for my carpet?

As a cleaning agent, it should definitely be avoided. Especially if you live in a small confine space or you already have weak health. It is not even effective for cleaning carpet, or anything for that matter. In some circumstances, it can be useful. Small stains on your carpet for example, but be careful, bleach can cause color damage too if not correctly used. If you do want to keep bleach at home, make sure you put it in a place that is away from children and pets. Ideally it should not be kept in a confided space in your home. I strongly recommend though, to replace bleach to safer alternative such as vinegar.

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