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Carpet cleaning method comparison

The best carpet cleaning method should have been used to keep the Pazyryk carpet alive during about the last 2500 years! The Pazyryk carpet is the oldest surviving carpet in the world, made in 5th Century BC. Since the invention of carpet, people have been fascinated by the quality and craftsmanship of a handmade carpet.

But as time goes, the carpet eventually gets dirty and dusty and our ancestors have been figuring out on different methods on how to clean the carpet/rug best. Fortunately with the advancement of technology and innovative design, we certainly have lots and lots of carpet cleaning method that we can consider. But the big question everyone is asking is: which carpet cleaning method is the best?

Well, We have list down 5 of the Top carpet cleaning method available in Singapore region, as well as the pros and cons of each different carpet cleaning method.

Dry powder vacuuming carpet cleaning

As the name implies, this method is totally dry, and uses only powder as a cleaning agent. Usually doing the first step of the cleaning process the cleaner will sprinkle the powder all over the carpet & let it set for a few minutes. During this period of time, the compound in the powder will react with the dirt particles and absorb them. Afterwards, they will use a specialize vacuum with a rotating brush at the front end to agitate the powder in the carpet and before extracting the powder.


  • Very Fast Cleaning Process
  • 0 Dow-Time
  • Effective in Regular Maintenance such as Hotel
  • Vertical Brushing Motion Lift the Carpet Fiber Upwards at the Same Time


  • Does Not Deep Clean into the Carpet
  • Not Very Effective in Sanitizing & Removal of Dust Mite
  • Not Very Effective in Stains Removal

Wet bonnet buffing carpet cleaning

This method however, is partially wet. Before the cleaning begin, the cleaner will usually vacuum the carpet first, follow by spraying of pre-mixed detergent (Cleaning Agent). The cleaner will then perform buffing of carpet using a horizontal buffing machine with a special microfiber padding that will absorb all the loosen soil & dirt onto the surface. Once the microfiber pad (bonnet) is dirty, they need to switch to another clean pad and the process continues.


  • Very fast cleaning process
  • Very low down-time. Drying time is usually within 1 hour
  • Effective in regular maintenance cleaning


  • Does not deep clean into the carpet
  • May be difficult in removing large stains
  • Not very effective in sanitizing & removal of dust mite
  • Horizontal brushing means it actually further compressing the carpet fiber

Carbonated horizontal buffing

This cleaning method is very similar to the normal wet bonnet buffing method, but more advance in technological wise. First off, the pre-mixed detergent is carbonated (Have you seen those video where people pour soda water to clean up the toilet bowl? It’s the same principle actually). Once sprayed and applied on the carpet, it reacts with the dirt on the carpet (Releasing CO2 as a by-product) and forms a larger loosen particle. Afterwards the cleaner will use a horizontal buffing machine that is able to agitate the carpet in horizontal movement & extract the loosen-particle at the same time.


  • Very fast cleaning process
  • Low down-time needed. Drying time is usually within 2 hours
  • Effective deep cleaning method
  • Able to remove a certain level of mites & germs during the process


  • Horizontal brushing means it actually further compressing the carpet fiber

Wet extraction carpet cleaning

This is probably one of the earliest cleaning method since industrial revolution. The Carpet Extractor Machine usually consist of 2 major component: Water Sprayer and the Extractor.

During the cleaning process, the cleaner will press a trigger that spray on a thin layer of water onto the carpet to loosen the soil & the dirt. Afterwards the vacuum will extract the liquefied soil from the carpet. Generally a pre-mixed detergent will be sprayed onto the carpet to maximize the cleaning power.


  • Very effective in sanitizing & removal of dust mite
  • Vertical extraction process helps to revitalize the carpet fiber vertically
  • Effective in removing larger stains & odor


  • Very time consuming
  • Medium down-time. Drying time usually takes 3-5 hours
  • Since no agitation of carpet, may be hard to remove older dirt stains

Wet extraction w/ vertical agitation carpet cleaning

This method combines the benefit of wet extraction and dry powder vacuuming. It releases water onto the carpet surface & immediately agitate it with the vertical roller brush. the product of the process is then channeled to the waste compartment via a rotating rubber belt system. This innovative design comes from Italy & is one of the most effective cleaning method with great flexibility as you can choose a combination of pre-mixed detergent to be used, or even using the Carbonated-Based or Oxygenated-Based cleaning agent.


  • Low down-time. Drying time typically within an hour
  • Very effective in sanitizing & removal of dust mite
  • Vertical agitation helps to revitalize the carpet fiber
  • Effective in removing stains & older dirt mark


  • Longer cleaning process
  • Not suitable for “Flooded” carpets

Carpet cleaning method: what you need to keep in mind!

Well, I wouldn’t say which carpet cleaning method is the best. As it certainly depends on your need & application. Of course, there will be a few companies providing the same cleaning method, but the outcome of the carpet cleaning result still depends on the workmanship & their attitude towards solving your problems & concerns. As usual, do drop us an email via our contact form reachable from the menu or give us a call at 81433000 for any queries.

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