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Carpet regular maintenance

Carpet regular maintenance is a must to take care about your investment. As long as the carpet has no stains, a dry cleaning is usually enough. In general, a carpet should be vacuumed on a regular basis (at least once a week). Both dirt and bacteria can accumulate quickly – especially if the carpet has long shag.

If you have a foam mat, a mixture of dishwasher liquid and hot water will help remove grease and stains. It is then sufficient to rinse and let dry.

If your carpet is synthetic, simply passing the vacuum cleaner is often enough. One must insist while vacuuming and work in both directions.

If you have a shaggy carpet, remove the brush from the vacuum, as it will break the carpet fibers. Suck directly with the tip of the vacuum cleaner (even if this is a little longer). Or avoid all risk and request our carpet cleaning professional team to take care of yours carpetsto clean it.

Two mistakes to avoid in carpet maintenance

Here are just two common mistakes it’s important to avoid when you maintain your carpet:

Do not soak your carpet (even those from the car), as the colors may leak and stain one another.

Do not use bleach to clean your carpet (even in tiny amounts), as you will discolor it

Key steps for carpet regular maintenance

If you find whitish balls on your carpet, these are moth eggs! You should get rid of them quickly because they can damage your carpet, your clothes or your sofas.

Pass the vacuum cleaner on the carpet right away, and then again several times to remove all moths or eggs. You can then spray “Insect Stopper” on it. Finally in the room, place clothing moth traps.

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