Carpet stain removal could be a real nightmare! Today, carpets are among the essential items in the homes or offices. A good looking carpet will helps to enhance the appeal of the room. That’s why most people love to have carpet in their homes that gives an elegant look. Carpets usually look very appealing when they are new and clean.

Carpet stain removal is the great deal for most of the carpet owners. Stains are most often tough to remove or tackle if it is not done by the right professionals.

Yes it's possible to keep your carpet clean!

Daily usage, small children, pets, parties or any celebration… The list of the reasons is too long to make your room or living room carpets getting stained, looking dull and dirty. So, it’s a good time to contact a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service! Carpet stain removal is rather difficult and it may take the muscle as well as right treatment to acquire best results to keep your carpet as wonderful as the first day.

Generally, stain is the discoloration caused by penetration of discoloring material or any chemical reaction. Our professional carpet stain removers will help you to tackle more than 50 stain types with effective tools and technologies. Our carpet stain removal specialist has the proper knowledge and vehicle to clearly eradicate all the dirty spots.

Our carpet stain removal specialists have the capability to clean any stains including modeling clay, blood, vomit, pet accidents, chocolate, chewing gum, coffee & tea, wine, soda, grass, tomato juice, mud, urine and much more.

Carpet stain removal process

We always clean most of the types of stains or dirt, especially which is difficult stains to remove. Comparatively, our firm will use the latest technologies. We also take the project of carpet stain removal which left by other firms because of any difficulties or any issue.
Listed few things to consider when it comes to carpet stains:

  • Avoid using any chemical products by yourself which may cause harmful effects to your carpet and even skin.
  • We deliver quick service within less time
  • Share with the experts about what you have done previously with the stains
  • Remember that using the professional cleaning service will helps to extend the life span of your carpet.

Carpets that are properly maintained can last a lot longer than the normal carpets. Additionally, carpet cleaning makes the room attractive and inviting. It might be so embarrassing to gather in place on the carpet is untidy and stained. Hence, neat and clean carpet offers more enjoyable and healthy environment to you and your family.

We always use the best carpet stain removal products

We always use the most ecological leading technologies and products to offer best carpet cleaning service. With our best service, your home will get the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. By using the most effective and safe carpet stain removal along with innovative equipment, we can knock any touch stains out of the carpets.

Top seven deadly carpet stains

Food grease or cooking stains

I don’t know how cooking oil got onto your carpet… but food grease is not uncommon. Except for coloured food grease stain, such as curry, it is usually possible to savage. The grease won’t come out by hand or paper toweling. It is especially nasty when it’s been there for months or longer and dirt is sticking to it. Hot water deep extraction with a good enzyme agent should get the job done.

Success Rate:90%

Coffee and tea carpet stains

Coffee and tea stains leave yellowish brown mark on your rug or carpet. When leave unattended for too long, it develops a unpleasant smell. It is one of those nasty stain that gross looking mark on your carpet. If a coffee/tea spill occurs, quickly take a paper towel and start blotting on the stained area. Some time cleaning with a little detergent while blotting will do the job.

If unsuccessful, consider professional help. Professional will use industrial extraction machine to extract the residue in the whool. Usually the specialist can remove the stain with the help of formulated bleach.

Chances of Success 80%

Pet stains on carpets

Well, this is usually pet’s urine or poo stain. Pet’s urine and poo contains strong acid. When left for too long, it can actually bleach carpet yellow. While the pet stain itself can be quite a big headache, it usually aren’t the biggest problem.

The bigger issue is usually the more you clean your carpet, the odor gets worse! This is because a usual cleaning can’t reduce the odor, deep water extraction is required. Even then it is no one’s fault that the smell is still there (even by a professional cleaner).

In fact it is because you clean thorough enough, the water from the clean has crystallized the urine or poo. This activated the smell. This is when the process of odor treatment is further required to remove the odor. Hopefully you are one of the 70% of the people where the first treatment works. Otherwise, you have to go through further stages of the odor removal process. Be mindful that even with professional products that we use, there is no guarantee of success. Sometimes, we can only reduce the odor.

Chances of success 75%.

Colored drink stains

These are beverages like red wine, rose syrup, orange soda or even coke. Basically they are beverages with coloring in them. Whether they are dye of organic or synthetic nature. Like blood, they are usually easy to treat when they are fresh, and with time it gets harder and harder to remove. Again, never use hot water to worsen the stain on carpet.

Cold water extraction is required and often this alone is not enough. If client has not attempt on the stain, the chance for us to remove the stain with our treatment will be higher.

Chances of Removal 70%

Blood stains on your carpet

Blood stains are actually not that tough to treat when the stains are still fresh. It is the dried unattended stains that are challenging to remove. This is because the hemoglobin in blood acts as a binding agent.

When it reacts with oxygen in the air, it bind into the fibers of your carpet; any fabric fiber for that matter. There are also many proteins in blood that cannot be dissolved by water. Stronger agent ( e.g. enzyme) is required to dissolve the iron and non-polar substances in blood.

Be cautious though, always use lukewarm or cold water when treat blood stains, NEVER USE HOT WATER. Many people make have this misconception that any stains should be treated with hot water, that is a BIG no no! Hot water act as a good disinfectant but it works against removing blood or coloured stains! In fact, it will dye the blood stain into the fibers even stronger.

That’s how you dye your cloths! Cold water is most ideal to use for removing blood stain. It helps lose the blood particles, ceasing the chemical reaction. Thus preventing the stain from penetrating deeper into the wool. From our experience, our success rate for removing blood stain from carpets or rugs is about 60%

Gum or sticky residue on your brand new carpet

This is more of a common problem on carpets, especially on office carpets. Whether it is glue gum, bubble gum, or sticky residue from tape, they leave terrible marks on carpet.

To make things worse, this type of residue are usually left to collect dust and dirt on them. As a result, ugly dark marks accumulated on the carpet. Sometimes the appearance doesn’t change much even after the sticky residues were removed.

Chances of success? 30 – 40%

Coloured food stains or ink stains on carpets

This is the nightmare of all carpet cleaning companies. These are substance like curry, yellow mustard and beet root juice. The average success rate for this category is 30%. The worse of them all is yellow mustard. Although we did get it out a few times. Yellow mustard dyes the carpet and it is nearly impossible to get it out. The mother of all deadly stains.

Chances of removal 10%.

If you are attempting to remove carpet stains, always perform a test on less visible part of your carpet. If the test proves to be safe, then apply the cleaning agent on the actual stain. To avoid the hassle, you may consider consulting a carpet stain removal specialist like us. Often, Alphakleen can help with your problem stains. However if it is ‘beyond salvage’, consider having your carpet or rug dyed by professionals. We may be able to ‘paint’ the stain to match the carpet.