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Alphakleen cleaning services is proudly present in Singapore since 2010. In 2012, a group of fresh grads from Singapore came across this business and saw the potential in Alphakleen. The business went through major reshuffle in terms of service quality, products, especially on customer care & feedback. Since then, Alphakleen was given a new mission, and continue to serve the need of customer from residential, commercial & corporate region.

Alphakleen benefits

We are committed to provide quality and one stop professional upholstery & carpet cleaning services to our clients across Singapore region.

Our teams are efficient, well-trained, experienced,  thorough and reliable. Our specialists will also provide essential maintenance tips for you… Free of charge!

Engaging our service is easy, fast and hassle Free. Our main services include carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning, corporate cleaning solutions, leather maintenance, vehicle interior grooming & maintenance.

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Top quality cleaning services corporate in Singapore

In Alphakleen, we believe in taking good care of our customer. Our team is willing to go the extra mile, and dedicated to provide excellent services for all our customer.

Alphakleen Singapore will carry the same DNA, the same dedication, and the same quality services for all customer.

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How about testing our team efficiency in cleaning either your corporate or your home? Just use our lightning delivery quotation.