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DIY carpet stain removal nightmare

DIY carpet stain removal could be a real nightmare for newbies. Hopefully even an old and really dirty carpet can look great because of Alphakleen Singapore.

Most of the worst of stains can be removed from nearly any carpet. Alphakleen Singapore has got the best carpet stain removal services in the city for you, for either residential or corporate works. We have the expert staff, who knows cleaning better than anyone else in the industry. We have performed exceptional carpet stain removal services for years. Our tools equip our professional and helpful carpet stain removal team. They have all the necessary upholstery equipment and products. Our best bundle of techniques will guarantee you clean carpets, cleaner than ever before!

Stains on synthetic or natural fiber carpets

You may have carpets in your commercial facility or in your houses. Regardless of its material, Alphakleen services your carpet off its stains, as they never were. It works equally well on synthetic as well as natural fiber carpets. It is great for both machine and hand knotted ones. Even antique carpets or the modern and contemporary ones that you own can be neat and clean again. You would also like its great fragrance, thanks to our carpet stain removal service.

DIY carpet stain removal vs good carpet care service

Are you one of those who prefer DIY? A million DIY carpet treatments can be searched online. You can make concoctions at home. Cheap brushes can do the rubbing for you. You can tire yourself for hours, not realizing one thing. DIY treatments can actually turn out to be a nightmare. It may actually worsen your stain much more than before.

You may over wet the carpet. You might Over-shampoo the carpet, losing its color or you may even soil the furniture during the clean-up operation. But carpets are expensive and you can lose a beautiful center piece with a single wrong move. It would be so sad !

Why not give your favorite carpet a deep pampering clean? Our state of the art carpet care service provides just that.

Now you can say goodbye to unpleasant odorallergensdust and nasty stains. Welcome the brand new feel of your favorite carpet and rugs. Our carpet stain removal serviceretains the newness and your pride. With Alphakleen, loose the stains, not the carpet!

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