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Efficient window cleaning in Singapore

Efficient window cleaning is a must, especially with the weather we have in Singapore. Impeccably clean and streak free windows for any company or homes is very important.

If you need to bring a brilliant shine to the forefront of your store, choose a professional service! A team of trained experts will give you the results you expect, leaving you with peace of mind every time.

Your window cleaning experts

Whether you have a small business, a boutique or a large company – we take quality care of all glass surfaces. Big or small, high and low, our trusted professionals listen to your needs and get the job done right. Our services go further than just a simple wipe or scrub. In fact, we take great pride in cleaning and protecting both the inside and outside of your windows.

Windows are the face of your company or of your warm house as they are often the first things your customers see. Dirty or streaked windows do not provide a good first impression. By putting the importance of welcoming glass surfaces in our hands, we make sure that you have access to:

  • A respectful and trained team of experts;
  • Onetime appointment, or regular cleaning services for a constant shine;
  • personal cleaning schedule with fixed appointments, based on your needs.

Furthermore, we guarantee that our specialists are punctual and have high work standards.

Our window cleaning products and services

Taking care of both the inside and outside of your company’s windows is our top priority. While we have our clients at the heart of every mission, we also have the environment on our mind. For this reason, we only use highly effective, 100% eco-friends products. We guarantee a clean that shines without harming the environment. No need to worry about health safety either, as our products are equally safe for your customers.

We offer our services based on your requirements. Whether you need a onetime cleaning or regular appointments, our team is always on time. Our shop window, bow window, french window or picture window cleaning specialists will sit down with you and set-up a schedule that works for you.

Our equipment is top quality and secure. We use professional tools to achieve effective results in less time. These tools are adapted to the fragility of each different glass surfaceand to the location of the window. By using specialized equipment, our team can intervene on all types of windows.

We can clean small or large surfaces and have the proper tools to reach difficult corners.

Call efficient window cleaning experts

Cleaning company windows on your own can be a huge task. Products found in store often have s strong odour and leave streaks on the glass. Large and high windows are even harder. Without the proper training and equipment, achieving a sparkling clean can be a chore.

Instead of working a sweat, get quality results in no time by choosing Alphakleen experts for efficient window cleaning. Professional and trusted, we are trained to care for all types of glass surfaces. Don’t hesitate in contacting us and get your storefront ready for the nice weather!

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