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Leather sofa stain removal service

Leather sofa stain removal is a critical task. When the time comes for cleaning your leather sofa, be sure to use this opportunity to condition and preserve it at the same time!

Cleaning a leather couch can be done at home, however, in general, it is best to contact a professional to help get rid of leather sofa stains. A good cleaning also requires being well informed.
In the case of pale colors, the dirt accumulation on the leather can quickly become apparent, causing the sofa to lose its luster and shine. Leather must be cleaned with an effective yet gentle cleanser, avoiding all alcohol or solvents. They could dry and crack the skin of the sofa.

How to get rid of leather sofa stains professionally?

leather couch can be a wonderful asset to any living space – until it starts getting dark and dingy or even worse, wrinkled and cracked.

You must know the proper cleaning process for getting rid of leather sofa stains. Either you try a manual cleaning process by your own or you call an expert as Alphakleen Singapore.

You should take in account the following sofa cleaning steps to take the right decision. This is very important because we often listen regrets coming from customers.

Leather sofa stain removal. Better to be a guru!

A trained specialist uses a cleaning system to wash, condition and hydrate your sofa. First, they test and assess your leather sofa cleaning needs. A specific leather cleanser is then applied and removed from the skin. This product is very gentle and does not cause any damage to the sofa.

Afterwards, our Alphakleen leather sofa gurus heats the leather to open the pores for the moisturizer. The same process is then applied for the leather skin protector. This product fills in cracks where dirt and grime can accumulate.

It is possible for one to care for their leather sofa by using a humid cloth. Yet, when it comes to getting rid of leather sofa stains professional results are much better in 90% of cases

Leather sofa and U.V protection

One of the biggest difficulties faced when attempting to treat a leather sofa on your own is finding and buying the right product.

Choosing a brand is nothing short of complicated seeing as each store sells something different and in fact, the product is rather mediocre. Leather sofa stain removal completed with a professional is considered much more beneficial.

The product used does not only completely remove deep stains but conditions and hydrates the leather as well. Furthermore, when choosing a professional to get rid of leather sofa stains, one can also rest assured that the skin has also been protected against U.V rays

Relax with a professional leather sofa cleaner

Still asking yourself how to get rid of leather sofa stains in Singapore? Remember that you can help with regular upkeep by using a damp cloth and rubbing the skin but when it comes to getting rid of dirt, grime, and other stains. With Alphakleen professional experts, not only will you obtain high quality, satisfactory results but you will also be left with a sense of peace of mind. You will know the job has been well done. Check our leather couch testimonials.

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