Rug cleaning is not not an easy task and you must carefully think about it to preserve your investment. Alphakleen is here to help you.

An ornamental rug in a home, or in an office, can soften the hardwoods and decorate the space too. It is always a pleasure to have a beautiful rug in your home that gives additional appeal and as a beautiful home accessory, it will definitely have a great impact on the way your home looks. Like a well placed fine painting or wall decor, rug contributes in overall appeal and also complete the furnishing of any well-decorated room.

Rugs need attention and care

Like upholstered furniture, and carpets, rugs also acts as an air filter in your home that traps allergensbacteriadirt and unhealthy elements. A rug is bit costly and tough to buy a new rug, so just protect your investment as well as maintain the rug area look clean and beautiful.

If you have small babies and pets in home, then give more importance to the rug cleaning in a regular interval of time. Overtime, it may get start to smell and get dingy. Taking care of the rug is really so important. Alphakleen, located in Singapore, is available to help you to keep your rugs clean, protect your investment and, most of all the people you love.

The best rug cleaning techniques in Singapore

The rugs can become dirty easily depends on the place it was placed. If it is well exposed to a heavy foot traffic area, then it will become dirty and unclean very soon. It is necessary to make sure that the cleaning techniques are safe to the rug and the environment too.

Some of the local rug cleaning products may hold harmful chemical that may cause damage to the surrounding. If you really want to keep the rug clean and safe, then approach a professional rug cleaning vendor that uses latest tools and technologies to erase and clean stains without any harm effects to the fibers and colors.

Alphakleen well trained professionals will provide an excellent rug cleaning service with almost care and attention as well as restore the original beauty of the rugs while removing allergens and dirt and improves the indoor air quality. By conducting the thorough analysis of the rugs, noting high traffic or heavily soiled areas, cleaning firm will give special attention to the needed space. From everyday mud blockers to expensive heirlooms, Alphakleen will always give best solutions.

Alphakleen Singapore rug cleaning in action

All types of rugs cleaning

Alphakleen rug cleaning company holds the ability to clean all types of rugs from Persian to oriental by using specialized equipment and tools to clean all types of material including silkcottonwoolsynthetic and more. We will use gentle yet effective rug cleaning process to preserve the dye within the rug fiber by leaving the original colors of the rug fresh and vibrant. No need to worry that the cleaning products will never leave behind the dirt-attracting residues and ensures healthy and safe home environments for your pets and kids.

Rugs environmentally friendly cleaned

Just go to the environmentally friendly companies to clean your rugs as Alphakleen. We have the ability to provide excellent, quality service which is also safe for children and pets. Choosing the best rug cleaning companies is a more convenient option. With well trained and certified rug experts, take care of your rugs and stay free from stainsbacteriasdirts and allergens from silk, synthetic and cotton fibers. Alphakleen rug cleaning service is so convenient, quick and hassle-free.