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Upholstery cleaning… Are you constantly bothered by your dirty upholstery? Do you love your once lovely couch and chairs but wish you could return them to their previous glory?

Have you tried everything, but just can’t get it thoroughly cleaned, to the point where you’ve considered replacing your furniture entirely?

We know the frustration and understand that replacing furniture is just not a viable option. That’s why Alphakleen is here to help! Buying new furniture is impractical and costly, but we are thrilled to tell you that all hope is not lost! Our company has the skilled professionals and eco-friendly products to clean any fabric and bring that ‘new furniture’ freshness back to your living room or office.


While you can clean your furniture with an everyday vacuum or by using UV Rays these methods although good, do not always work. Additionally, even when successful, they are not enough to kill off germs and dust mites. Trial and error and years of research and experimentation have proofed the result of our deep-cleaning method which penetrates deeper into the fabric and cleans out all those unwanted particles.

All of our equipment is state-of-the-art and we use the highest level professional machines. Using a mixture of water and our own chemical-free cleaning product we will first power-wash your furniture, penetrating the fabric to dissolve dirt, dust, mites, and all other germs. Our system then immediately extracts the water and leaves your fabric clean and fast-dry.

Our high-tech equipment and skilled professionals will leave your upholstery feeling and smelling fresh in no time at all. We don’t use any chemical products in our cleaning process and as such you can forget about any side effects or fear of allergies which are becoming so prevalent in our countries today.


What are the benefits to keeping your upholstery cleaned? Aside from the obvious pleasures of having clean and fresh scented furniture without the hours of effort, there are some weighty advantages to getting your upholstery professionally cleaned.

  • Longer-lasting. Compared to traditional forms of cleaning our process penetrates deeper into the fabric’s fibres creating a longer-lasting clean.
  • Better looking. Although I’m sure with enough time and energy you can get your furniture looking fresh and fab, we can achieve that new-furniture glow in a fraction of the time!
  • Hypo-allergenic. Our all natural, eco-friendly products are hypo-allergenic and our deep clean is guaranteed to eliminate dust mites and allergy inducing germs without the use of chemicals.
  • Investment. Protect your investments. Extend the life of your furniture and continue to enjoy its comforts for years to come.


Still not convinced? Contact us and talk to an advisor about your personal situation, you’ll be astonished by how knowledgeable our professionals are and you can ask them any question about upholstery and the various methods used for cleaning different fabrics.

Our unique methods are built upon years of research and experimentation and we guarantee the best service around. Our experts are trained in all types of fabric and upholstery styles and can clean even your most delicate or awkward fittings.

Our priorities are two-fold:

  • We provide the deepest clean possible to restore your furniture and increase its life-span
  • We use no chemicals whatsoever. We will never compromise our all-natural, eco-friendly approach.

In short, we will both increase the longevity of your furniture and help protect your health and our planet.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and ask about our professional cleaning services. Restore your furniture to its original glory, help preserve your investments and get the most out of your living quarters by getting your upholstery professionally cleaned today!

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