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Mattress cleaning should be a regular task on our calendar. Reason being we spend at least one-third of our life on our mattress. No matter how clean your home, the mattress will always contain dust mites, fungi and bacteria in enough quantities. Dust mites are very small in size and feed off your dead skin cells slipped from the bodies while you are asleep.

It is really impossible to inhabit and stop the dust mites. It constantly reproduces in the mattress. They can reach up to a staggering population of 2-4 millions in a matter of months! However it is not the mites themselves that you need to worry about. Its their dead corpses & their feces that are the real trouble maker. Their dropping contains a chemical known as Guanine that triggers health alarm and allergic reactions like headaches, runny nose, respiratory related disease, skin allergy, coughing, sneezing, eczema and asthma. In a more severe manner, it may even contribute to fatigue and depression.

Just how dirty is our mattress at home? Fortunately our cleaning system effectively removes dust mites as well as other foreign particles that contributes to health hazard problems. I can promise you will be surprised to realized the amount of dirt & external particles being extracted from your mattress (Yes despite regular changing of the bed sheet). But please do remember to ask our friendly staff if you wish to examine the extracted dirt water prior to cleaning (Because it doesn’t look nice nor smell nice at all, hence we will just dispose it immediately most of the time). So when it comes to mattress cleaning, just contact AlphaKleen for an efficient, hygienic & fast service!


It is important to have a comfortable and healthy mattress for a better sleep, and better health. The invisible bacteria multiplying on the bed will cause severe health issue in the long term. We bath daily, wash our clothes daily but unfortunately when it comes to our mattress, it’s usually “Never Been Done” before. For better health purposes it is suggested to clean your mattress at least once every year. A professional company like AlphaKleen help you to stay in a safer line. We have done our research with extensive technical knowledge to ensure you will have a clean & hygienic mattress to sleep onto. We guarantee you will feel the difference after the cleaning. You will experience a much better sleep, and feeling fresher.


Please don’t try to clean your mattress yourself! Moisture and water flowing down the foam easily which may create a bad odor and mildew. Hire a professional mattress cleaning company like AlphaKleen greatly help you to maintain the condition of your mattress, as your mattress need regular cleaning to get rid of the irking particles. AlphaKleen is confident to remove dirt particles, mites and sanitize it.

Get a better deal and stay in touch with us to extend your mattress life by simply allowing us to clean and sanitize it periodically.

  • Mattress Sanitizing
  • Odor Treatment
  • Urine Removal
  • Stains Removal
  • Dust Mite Treatment


Save Money: We offer effective services that clean the mattress thoroughly, remove decomposing dead skin flakes, excrements, dust mites, body fluid residue, remove dust and other microorganisms embedded in your mattress. The professional cleaning companies are available to offer affordable rate that saves your precious time, energy & money.

Keep Healthy: Our staff are highly trained & experienced professional to apply the best cleaning system specially for in the field of mattress cleaning. Need no worries as we uses chem-free solution. Our cleaning treatment is 100% safe and secure for both infant and adults.

Proven Effective: Even doctors started recommending to clean the mattress when it comes to allergy management, such as rhinitis, eczema, nasal congestion, morning sneezes, itchy red eyes, and asthma to allergic patients who are sensitive to dust mites and dust. So, just give a call and we will address to your need & concern accordingly.

Whether it is residential or commercial mattress cleaning, within a short span of time your mattress will be dry, fresh and ready for a great sleep. Acquiring us for mattress cleaning is easy, quick & green. Services rendered by AlphaKleen are completely convenient, effective, dry and uses eco-friendly cleaning compounds in your premise. Call us for best cleaning services and have a good sleep today!


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