Even if we slowly change our transportation world in this early XXI century cars remains very important in our life. In fact, the car is like a second house for many people. Sometimes, it can be used as a desk or meeting place with customers or employees to discuss/share about projects. In that case would you be confortable to invite prospects in a messy car? Of course not!

If you really love your car, definitely you will care and clean it. Cleaning the car outside is a straight forward task. But car interior grooming is troublesome and most of the owner are headache about. In fact, cleaning the car interior regularly is the best way to maintain the car condition (And also to keep the roaches away). It is crucial tokeep the car neat, clean and smell fresh from inside.

Alphakleen in Singapore has one the most trained experts to give you the help needed. We you drive to our warehouse, or we send over our mobile team, we clean you car interior and only leave once you are satisfied! Simple and efficient.

Keep your car interior cleaning in Singapore

Nowadays, people like to keep the car interior presentable like exterior. Alphakleen car interior cleaning services helps to remove stains, grease, and dirt from the upholstery within a short time. It’s hassle free & convenient!

Yeah we frequently wash our car exterior, polish it, groom it, sometimes even vacuum the floor carpet. But have you clean the seats or the seat belts before? Our experts will use the highest quality cleaning agents to restore the natural beauty of the leather by leaving it non-sticky and clean. We have the ability to fulfill all your needs and demands in an effective manner. We are professionally trained to provide the best car interior cleaning services in Singapore.

Here are several suggestions to clean upholstery and carpets within your vehicle and also, to maintain their longevity. Our experts possess the knowledge to completely vacuum every corner of the vehicle. The choice of stain removal solutions should be based upon the kind of material the upholstery consists of.

Alphakleen can help you with various things such as:

  • Stain Removal
  • Full Interior Vacuum cleaning
  • Dashboard, Steering & Console Cleaning
  • Roof Lining
  • Door cleaning
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Car Upholstery Cleaning
  • Seat Belt Cleaning
  • Fabric Protection
  • Leather Treatment
  • Odor Elimination

Alphakleen Singapore car interior cleaning in action

Tips to get rid of few stains from your car upholstery

Here are a few simple-to apply ideas to remove numerous types of spots from your vehicle upholstery: Molds on the seats may be removed using citrus cleaning options and peroxide detergents. Gasoline spots may be removed using vinegar and detergent.

Baking soft drink may be utilized to remove stains due to acids. Toothpaste may be utilized to clean the marks of food and lipsticks. Simple brushes may be kept in the vehicle and used to clean off the dust gathered on furniture. A nylon bristle brush may be good choice for regular cleaning of the vehicle interiors.

Fabric guards may be utilized to maintain the dirt and spots away from the vehicle upholstery. Apply leather treatment To get the leather upholstery in the vehicle to prevent it from losing shine. Make sure that nobody enters the vehicle with soiled shoes. Lastly, it’s never a bad idea to take your vehicle for a visit to the furniture cleaning stores, where the experts can use expert techniques to boost the looks of your vehicle interior.

You will love our car interior grooming services

From the professional and experienced car interior cleaning companies, you can get the eco-friendly and environmentally friendly cleaning services at ease. By understanding the needs and value of your car, a professional cleaning company will provide evidence of flexibility, professionalism and patience in any collaboration.

Alphakleen provide quality cleaning service for general car upholstery cleaning to vacuuming, odor elimination, fabric protection, leather treatment, roof lining and much more within the shortest time. With the help of best cleaning materials, tools and effective techniques, car interior cleaning companies will sanitize and clean everything from the carpets to the roof lining. We offer a service that perfectly suits your vehicle in terms of fully removing nicotine, kill bacteria, remove stains and dirt from the car upholstery and interior which contribute to unwanted and unpleasant odors.

Don’t take risk. Choose a car interior cleaning professional

By partnering with Alphakleen, you can get clean and well-sanitized car interiors which are from fungi, mud, and dirt as well as ensure you breathe healthy and fresh air. Make use of the car interior cleaning service for better maintenance. Come and contact us. We will propose you our best offer and you will love it. Indeed.