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Carpet smelly? We have solutions.

Carpet smelly could be a real nightmare. Believe us. Not only it is annoying but at times, quite embarrassing especially if you have a VIP guest coming to your office for an important event.

But why is there presence of foul odor from the carpet? Here’s top 4 reason why & useful tips on how to get rid of them

Carpet humidity

Depends on what sort of country or place you are in, for example the humidity level in Outer Space is 0%, Sahara Desert is about 15%, Singapore averaging a staggering 90%! Even so, in different part of Singapore you will experience different level of humidity level too. For example in City area usually is lower, whereas in forest area is higher. I used to stay in the hostel of NTU in Singapore and the humidity level reaches 95% some of the time.

So what happened if the humidity level is too high? Well, carpet is mostly made of fiber material with some rubber pad. The carpet tends to act as an absorbent medium & suck the moisture in the air. When that happened for a period of time, the rubber pad will start to release a natural odor that smells “Rubbery” pretty much like how it smell after you soaked your pair of rubber slipper in the water for too long. Though it’s not harmful or by any means affecting your health, but it certainly not a pleasant smell after all. The other part which is causing the smell comes from the fiber, and is usually due to bacteria infestation which I will cover in the later part.

So, how do we get rid of the problem of the high level of humidity? Well, one of the simpler solution will be using a Dehumidifier Machine, or just a Dehumidifier Pack. Have you seen one before which label “Thirsty Hippo”?

Air circulation system

When the Air Condition unit is dirty or infested with bacteria or fungus, it will make the whole office or home smells terrible too. In some other scenario where the situation is much worst, it will become a Disease-Spreading- Agent. Meaning that it keeps circulating germs and bacteria in a confined space.
Typically we will recommend our customer to do a servicing on the Air Con. Afterwards engage Professional Carpet Cleaner to Clean & Sanitize the Office Carpet. In this way, you will be able to get rid of the germs and bacteria completely.

Fight dirt and particle on your carpets

You may not notice it at first, but as the dirt and stains start to accumulate, it will be very smelly and is totally unpleasant. Well the only prevention you can do is to regularly vacuum the carpet, keep the office clean & food-free.

There’s one more prevention you can do and that is placing a few thick removable carpet that act as a dirt-trapper. Simply place it at the entrance of the main door, washroom, or pantry. You will be surprise by how much longer your clean carpet can last!

Germs, bacteria, dust mite & fungus attack your office carpets

In order for germs & bacteria to multiply & grow, they need a specific environment: generally humid, warm & a suitable bed…and that will be a perfect habitat for them to dominate your office.
Not only they will produce foul odor, but it will affect your health and pollute your office with hazardous material, especially Dust Mite.

Dust Mites’ dropping and remains can cause serious health issue that are related to respiratory & skin diseases. Some common examples seen are skin irritation, rashes, itchiness, running nose, cough, throat irritation. And the scariest thing is how they can reproduce to reach millions in just a matter of months. They are no way you can get rid of them completely unfortunately. But you can however, perform regular maintenance to slow down their multiplication.

Some of the most effective ways are constantly vacuum your carpet using HEPA standard Vacuum Cleaner, Minimizing the Humidity Level in your office, and also perform regular Carpet Cleaning by Professional to Clean & Sanitize your Office Carpet regularly

Carpet smelly: what you need to keep in mind!

Well in general I think it is good that the carpet actually releases odor. It serves as a sign that we need to take action and pay more attention to what is going on.

If the carpet doesn’t release any odor, we probably wouldn’t notice the carpet needs cleaning. Certainly wouldn’t notice they are bacteria or dust mite infestation.

If you have any other queries on this topic please feel free to contact us via our form reachable via the contact menu or call us at 81433000 for clarification 

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