If you got carpets, you might want to keep these tips handy because they save just may save your day.

For Oil Spills

Oil stains can cause a really sticky situation. If not dealt with prompt enough, it will spread and seep into the fibre, making it really sticky and even damage the carpet. If left long enough, they turns into dark unsightly residues and makes your carpet really dirty.

But fret not! Just quickly spread a generous amount of baking power over the soiled area and leave it to dry, then vacuum it away. You can also use baby powder as an alternative if you prefer. The stain will usually be a lot lighter after one try. Repeat the process as needed, then dab the stain away with degreaser or stain remover.


For Nail Polish Spills

Nail polish pills can really be a nightmare to your precious carpet. It can cause some serious damage. But again we have a way to deal with this mess – alcohol! Just rub some alcohol into the affected area and pad it with a damp cloth simultaneously.

 You may be concern that the alcohol may damage the color and bleached your carpet but in most cases, amount of alcohol applied by rubbing Is not strong enough to damage the dye. If you are really concern, you can test it on a small spot first before continuing.

To make this hack more effective, use a scraper scrap off as much of the polish spill as possible. Butter knife and the likes will work too. Then dab the alcohol on the affected area slowing until the stain is picked up.


For Your Beloved Pet’s Accident


Yes, I’m talking about your pet’s pee! As soon as you saw it, bolt the accident with  a towel or paper towels as much as possible. Then apply some detergent on the area with small amount of water and again place the towel over it and press hard to let it absorb the liquid as much as possible. Then apply a generous amount of baking powder over the accidental area, let it dry then vacuum it away. If the stain is visible you may want to use stain remover to further treat it.

Often the odor can be strong and hard to remove despite all the effort, you may want to consider hire a carpet cleaner to give it a deep clean.


For the Annoying Hair & Curd

Ever had the encounter that no matter how you vacuum the carpet, the hair and crumbs JUST AIN’T PICKING UP! ARGH.

Relax, remember regular vacuuming don’t clean the fibres effectively, especially the long pile carpets. So how? A lint roller should stop you from further pulling your hair and contributing to the mess.


For Normal Dirt Stains

With careless accidents, dust accumulation and high traffic movement, its unavoidable that there will be dirt patches especially on the lighter color carpets. The mess is often worse for those with kids around, highly visible marks and dirt can be a common sight and a sore to the eyes. Well worry not, because shaving cream is here to the rescue! Yep, shaving cream can not only shave, it can save you (pun intended). This unassuming shaving cream works on old stains too! Just rub the shaving cream into the stain and let it sit. Once again, pet dry with a damp cloth, the carpet will feel soft and fluffy to touch afterwards.

There you go, 5 hacks that can save your from a lot of headaches.

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