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Best Sofa Cleaning Method – A Quick Guide You Should Know

Sofa cleaning is not something that came to our mind, until it is almost necessary for us to do so. Why? Because we have a thousand things that we need to do everyday!

Well here is a piece of useful quick guide article that may help you to understand the different sofa cleaning method with their differences, and choosing the right method that suites your need.

There are generally 3 major sofa cleaning methods available for you to choose from:

Dry Powder/Encapsulation Cleaning

This is a great method if fast drying time is your main concern. This cleaning method make use of a chemical compound that were pre-spray (or pour) onto the sofa surface area, and let the chemical compound works its magic (typically between 5-10minutes) by forming a loose crystal particle that will be extracted via a vacuum afterwards.

As the process involves almost no (or very little) water, it certainly dry fast. However it does not effectively removes germs, bacteria or mites from the fabric sofa.

UV Cleaning

As the name suggest, this method cleans the things are not physically visible to the naked eyes only. Yes it does eliminate mites, germs and bacteria (by emitting a particular wavelength to kill them) and this may make you feel ‘comfortable’ for awhile. But it doesn’t really effectively removes the dirt & harmful particles from your sofa. Furthermore, UV cleaning does not remove stains & odor from your sofa too.

Spray Extraction Method – Enhanced

This method uses a cleaning compound that is similar to encapsulation cleaning, except that it is in liquid form. The detergent were pre-spray onto the fabric surface , follow by shampooing (or light scrubbing for tougher stains) and the chemical reaction will loosen the soil & dirt for easier extraction.

After about 5-10 minutes, a spray extraction machine is use by spraying a layer or clean water plus wet vacuuming at the same time. This method is effective in removing germs, mites (via water extraction), foul odor, and stains too. The downside? Well since this method uses quite a bit of water during the sofa cleaning process, it will usually take few hours for the fabric sofa to dry. Also, this method offers a longer lasting result as it does deep clean your fabric sofa to get rid of the stubborn dirt & soil that has been accumulating for months or years.


In my opinion, if drying time is not your major concern, getting the spray extraction sofa cleaning method with the use of advance cleaning compound is my recommendation. This sofa cleaning method not only offers the best cleaning result, it also make your fabric sofa hygienically clean by getting rid of them. Again, choosing the right sofa cleaning method really depends on your needs and concern.

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