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Upholstery Cleaning is Important

Before we talk about upholstery cleaning and maintenance. Let me share with you some interesting facts.

Do you know that a lifespan of a good quality well maintained sofa is about 7-12 years? While a cheap poor quality sofa usually won’t survive past 5years. Worse if it’s not maintained. And do you know that an average person spends 11.1 years of one’s life on a sofa – that’s about 3.5 hours a day.

Furniture and upholstery affect your family’s health

Many people think that new sofa doesn’t need to be cleaned. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just like when you buy new clothes or pots, it is always advisable to have your new furniture cleaned. It is especially needed when you have allergies issue or young kids at home.

95% of new furniture contains harmful chemicals. One such chemicals is flame-retardant. It has associated with serious health risks. These health risks include infertility, birth defects, disruptions to hormone and cancer. The dangerous chemicals then transfer into your household dust and indoor air.

With the help of our skin flakes and sweat, our furniture becomes a breeding ground for dust mites and germs. Do you always have allergy issues and unknown bites? It could be dust mites infestation causing the allergic reactions. Do you have asthma? You could be one of the 80% of people with asthma who are sensitive to dust mites. This means that dirty upholstery will worsen breathing and asthmatic problems. And let us not forget the gross bacteria and fungi that breeds over time in your sofa.

While not always visible to the eyes, they cause allergies and infections. Mould is a real danger, especially in a humid place like Singapore. While mould don’t affect most people, they trigger allergic reactions in unlucky ones. The symptoms include coughing, wheezing, itchy eyes and eczema. If you clean your upholstery often, you will see fewer allergy problems in your family. Upholstery cleaning can help get rid of the allergens that are causing you the problems..

Cleanliness of your upholstery affects your air quality

As mentioned earlier, most of our lifetime ( 90% ) we will be spending indoor, of that most of the time at home ( and office)! Thus the cleanliness of our upholstery affects our living environment and air quality. Living in a bustling city like Singapore, we are all vulnerable to air pollution.

With haze issues in recent years, upholstery plays even greater role in cleaning the air. Yes you heard it right. Having clean curtains and carpets at home filters and reduce indoor air pollutants by up to 70%!

However your very same upholstery can act as a double edged sword too. When dust and allergens are trapped in your upholstery, they will start to get into the air. It will trigger health problems and allergies symptoms like earlier mentioned. If nothing is done, the air quality in your home to likely be pretty bad. It may be even worse than the air outside your home.

Dirty furniture is a nest for pest

With food crumbs hiding in your sofa, don’t be surprised to find dead bugs and even cockroaches in it. It is ok if they are dead.. but what if they lay eggs and build an empire in your furniture?

And if you are frequent traveler and spends a lot of your time in hotel, be cautious of a even bigger enemy: BED BUGS. It is very common for people to bring home bed bugs unknowingly, into your couch. This is an especially common problem among expats too. If not detected early, you may face a full blown bed bug infestation. It can be so bad that some times, even pest control cannot help.

Cleaning maintains the appearance of your upholstery

Nobody wants to a dirty embarrassing sofa when your friends visit isn’t it?

Aside from removing dirt, a professional can often restore your upholstery’s original look. While sometimes we achieve that, I won’t claim 100% restoration. Any upholstery cleaning company who claims that would be lying.

But I could promise that you will feel that difference of a well cleaned furniture. The fresh like new smell, the brighter appearance. And let’s not forget that a regular clean will help extend the durability of your furniture.

What should I do with my upholstery then?

The best way to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating is to keep your furniture dry. Open the window and let natural wind in often. Have a dehumidifier placed near your upholstery or enclosed areas. You should also regularly vacuum your furniture, at least twice a week. I would recommend that you use HEPA certified vacuum cleaners. They are more effective in removing dust and allergens.

Last but not least, have your upholstery deep clean at least twice a year. If you have major allergy issues, consider at least 3 times a year. You don’t need a professional upholstery cleaning too frequent too. Each deep cleaning will last from 3 to 6months.

Of course you can buy a cleaning machine like rainbow to do the cleaning yourself. The problem is, it is very costly ( about $2000+). And that is not including the labor and time you have to put in to clean it yourself. The truth most of us are lazy to do the dirty work. In fact one of my clients complained to me that she bought one and have only used twice, it’s too much hassle. Do note that such machine cannot remove stains or mould that is already on your upholstery. They can only prevent them and do a surface cleaning.

If you like to have your upholstery cleaned, do consider engaging us at Alphakleen. We offer comprehensive upholstery cleaning solutions to residential and commercial needs. The equipment we used are HEPA certified and our cleaning technique are advance.

Give it a try today. Experience how an upholstery cleaning can improve your family’s health.

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