Window cleaning allows light to come in your life! We wake up in the morning, the first thing we do is open those curtains to let in that beautiful daylight.

We get to our business offices, we open those stores so the light can come in, and we start off the day peacefully.

Alphakleen works for you to always keep the best light for your life via our window cleaning services.

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Alphakleen keeps your windows clean in Singapore

There’s nothing more frustrating than the blocking of the sunlight by dirty windows. When it comes to building dirt, the first thing that catches our eye is the filth on those window tiles. As you very well know by now, as a business owner, the first impression to you existing, potential and future customers means everything, and by everything we mean a positive impact that usually leads to closing that sale.

For that matter, you most certainly do not want to bring your guests to an unclean environment. What would they think of you in business?

Window or multi-paned window cleanliness equally applies in our homes. You do not wish to be negatively impacted by the reaction (shock) your friends would have or what they would think of you when you invite them over. No, you shouldn’t care what people think of you, but you should mind your reputation, your time, business and especially the subconscious peace of mind you get from a professionally clean environment.

Alphakleen window cleaning in action

Always trained for the best window cleaning results

In most cases, people usually lack the time and /or the expertise to clean their windows. Those high glass windows with edgy spots that are not so easy to reach can take us forever to clean them without creating a mess. Reasons to use window-cleaning experts are uncountable.

For instance, regardless of the type of window cleaning sought (standard windows, large sizes, angled walls or small), our team members are continuously trained to use the best tools and cleaners that are environmentally friendly… permanently. We also proscribe the most aggressive cleaning materials that are no harm or threat to the health of people and animals that live in your environment.

  • Canopy glass cleaning
  • Internal window cleaning
  • External window cleaning

Best window cleaning is done by professionals

Cleaning a window is not as simple as it may seem. Depending on how dirty the window is, it might be necessary to use several different products before finishing the task, and thus leaving the window virtually transparent so that maximum light can be let in into your apartment or office.

Contrary to popular belief, tile cleaning is a task that requires true professionalism in both the tools and cleaning products being used, but more importantly the team’s expertise and excellence. Of course, beyond the training they receive, our collaborators are selected for their high level of professionalism, confidence, reliability and loyalty to offer you the maximum serenity when they work in your office or in the interior of your home.